Your business has high standards, and so do we. From working in the food, CPG, Grocery and retail industry, we know the ins and outs of matching the right candidate with the right job. It’s not enough to simply place a person on your team; like you, we want a long-term solution. We’ll partner with you to find the right person for the right job at the right time.

About Our Process
An exceptional food industry recruitment professional must have the ability to inquire, assess, listen, understand and act. Curtis Food Recruiters relies on a disciplined inquiry process for each search that is based on a solid understanding of the food and retail industries and the specific needs of the organization.

1. Create Custom Candidate Pool
Curtis Food Recruiters begins each search with extensive interviews of all hiring representatives in order to understand the position requirements within the context of the organizational culture. While Curtis Food Recruiters has an extensive network of candidates and connections, new research is generated to ensure the broadest pool of candidates. Extensive and in depth summaries are prepared by Curtis Food Recruiters and presented for client review. As part of our candidate pool creation, our food service recruiters will:

  • Consult with hiring representative(s)
  • Verify understanding of business needs and culture
  • Obtain consensus on position’s scope of responsibility, compensation and personality profile
  • Advise on market status
  • Perform national food industry candidate market analysis
  • Effectively showcase your culture to candidates
  • Qualify candidates based on your expectations

2. Facilitate Interviews
Once top candidates have been selected, Curtis Food Recruiters organizes and schedules interviews at the client’s convenience. Curtis Food Recruiters is a food retail recruiter that works closely with selected candidates to prepare them for client interviews. Curtis Food Recruiters excels at showcasing the client’s business by presenting a clear and compelling vision of the organization and the position to the candidate. When we facilitate interviews, we:

  • Present summaries of top tier candidates
  • Partner with hiring representative(s) to select candidates for interviews
  • Prepare candidate
  • Arrange each interview
  • Debrief with your hiring representative(s) and candidates

3. Establish the Placement
As a talent management partner, Curtis Food Recruiters works closely with the client to determine the appropriate compensation package, relocation and non-compete issues. Working in the best interest of the client, Curtis Food Recruiters will negotiate the hire in a timely and efficient manner. In establishing the placement, our team will:

  • Consult with hiring representative(s) on compensation package, relocation, and non-compete contracts
  • Present comprehensive offer to the candidate
  • As necessary, discuss resignation process and counteroffer situations
  • Continue to advise candidate on opportunities and benefits of becoming a member of the team
  • Solidify acceptance to the position

4. Follow Through
Curtis Food Recruiters stays involved throughout the on boarding process in order to ensure a smooth transition and to foster the on-going partnership between Curtis Food Recruiters and the client. As part of our follow-through, we:

  • Participate in continued recruitment and recognition of candidate prior to start date
  • Follow up with candidate and hiring representative(s) within two weeks of start date
  • Perform evaluation of the process with hiring representative and candidate
  • Discuss opportunity for continued partnership

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